Derek Jeter is leading the Yankees as of now.

Week 2 American League Lineup Card

P – Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers (0-1 – 14 Ks – 2.20 ERA)

He had one inning where he gave up four runs. Thats all he’s given up. Still the man.

C – Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers (.320 avg – 2 HR – 6 RBI)

Mike Napoli hasn’t yet found a grove. Avila taking advantage of being in a great lineup.

1B – Carlos Pena, Tampa Bay Rays (.352 avg – 3 HR – 11 RBI)

Can’t ignore his return to the Rays thus far. Albert Pujols is having the toughest start of his career also.

2B – Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox (.293 avg – 2 HR – 3 RBI)

No second basemen has stood out yet in the AL. Pedroia has made some gold glove plays and remains to be the glue of the roster.

3B – Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers (.289 avg – 1 HR – 6 RBI)

Can’t ignore Miguel Cabrera’s power to start the year but Beltre’s average is higher and still a much better fielder.

SS – Derek Jeter, New York Yankees (.366 avg – 2 HR – 6 RBI)

The Captain is turning heads. The baseball must look like a softball to him.

LF – Josh Willingham, Minnesota Twins (.419 avg – 4 HR – 7 RBI)

“Hammer” is backing up his nickname. Always been a good hitter, but he is great right now.

CF – Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers (.390 avg – 4 HR – 6 RBI)

When healthy he is always an MVP type player. Jacoby Ellsbury struggling at the start then dislocating his shoulder gives Hamilton the wide open spot.

RF – Nick Swisher, New York Yankees (.250 avg – 2 HR – 11 RBI)

Jose Bautista is off to a very rough start. Not one RF in the AL Is batting over .300 and Swisher is just knocking in everyone above him in the big time lineup.