Easiest pick by far. He is proving that he should have won MVP last year.

Week 2 National League Lineup Card

P – Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies (2-0 – 8 Ks – 0.60 ERA)

No change here thus far. Names to look-out for are Stephan Strasburg, Johan Santana, and Chad Billingsley

C – Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals (.353 avg – 3 HR – 10 RBI)

Molina is already playing better than I thought he would this year and I had him here last week.

1B – Adam LaRoche, Washington Nationals (.341 avg – 2 HR – 12 RBI)

Joey Votto isn’t playing bad at all but LaRoche has had a hell of a start.

2B – Omar Infante, Miami Marlins (.343 avg – 4 HR – 6 RBI)

Infante had 7 HRs last year…

3B – David Freese, St. Louis Cardinals (.406 avg – 3 HR – 11 RBI)

As I said last week. There could be a change from Pablo Sandoval to my guy Freese.

SS – Ian Desmond, Washington Nationals (.354 avg – 1 HR – 4 RBI)

This may be the most surprising player thus far in the MLB. Going into the year Nats fans were calling for a change at short.

LF – JD Martinez, Houston Astros (.371 avg – 3 HR – 10 RBI)

Looking into the 2012 season I looked at the Astros potential outfield and said, “Who? Who? and WHO!?” Martinez is looking to make a name for himself early here.

CF – Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers (.487 avg – 6 HR – 16 RBI)

Best player in baseball.

RF – Andre Either, Los Angeles Dodgers (.289 avg – 3 HR – 15 RBI)

Filling out to be the best outfield in baseball. Can Either keep it up though?