My decision for third base may surprise you but hear me out.

As we go into the 2012 Season. I take a look at the best players at each position in the American League. Post comments below please.

P – Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers

He won MVP and Cy Young last year…shall I continue??

C – Mike Napoli, Texas Rangers

Still waiting on Joe Mauer  to come back but in the meantime, Napoli with 30 HRs and batted well over .300 last year. He is the man on top.

1B – Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels

American League first basemen are crazy good. Take your pick really between Pujols, Mark Texiera, Adrian Gonzalez, and Prince Fielder. Question is how can all these guys make the All-Star game?

2B – Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox

Listen, Robinson Cano could easily be here, I know this. But, I have said for years that Pedroia may be the best fielding INFIELDER in the game of baseball.

3B – Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers

This, like first base, can be interchangeable all year. Fact of the matter is that Beltre is absolutely dirty with his mitt and continues to be consistent with his bat. Him and Miguel Cabrera have almost identical hitting stats and I’d take Beltre’s fielding over any third basemen in baseball.

SS – Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers

Now for the third Ranger on this list. But its only because AL shortstops are the worst of any position in baseball. Cue in the second worst….

LF – Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals

You don’t like this pick? Give me your best option. Brett Gardner? Carl Crawford? Meh.

CF – Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox

Just like the NL center fielder, Ellsbury was my pick for MVP. Can he back up 2011 with 2012 though?

RF – Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays

Quite simply may be the one spot all year that doesn’t change. He is a great fielder with a great arm and an even better bat.