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Power Rankings 4/19

When I do these power rankings, I will not look at the way the team finished in 2011. I won’t look at how the team is suppose to be in 2012. I look at honestly how I feel each team is playing. Simply through pitching, hitting, and other basic things that winning teams should be doing in order to win.



Washington Nationals (10-3)

Call me what you want, this team right now has it all. They are hitting, pitching, and coming up big in big situations.


Texas Rangers (10-2)

Best lineup in baseball. Pitching not as good as Washington’s but it almost doesn’t matter, their starters are 8-0.


Los Angeles Dodgers (9-3)

Andre Either and Matt Kemp are becoming the best 1-2 punch in the league. Oh, Clayton Kershaw is good too. Continue reading


Derek Jeter cannot be contained. He is on fire since his career milestone.

It’s early in this 2012 season. So early that for all we know the MVP of either league may be batting under .200 right now. The Cy Young in either league may not have a win. Even the World Series champ could be under .500. But what Derek Jeter has done in this premature season thus far cannot go without notice.

Remember the long wait and drama he went through last season trying to get his 3,000th hit? How can you forget. He was sitting a few hits away when he started to slump. Then he got hurt and had a DL stint. You couldn’t tell me with a straight face that he, more than anybody, wanted to get that milestone over with. Well how else would The Captain get a monkey off his back, then with a solo shot over the left-center field wall.

A friend of mine, Kevin Jones, of WUSA-CBS affiliate in Washington DC, pointed out to me that he is batting .340 since he got to 3,000. He has done nothing but carried his momentum over to the 2012 season. He is batting .389 with 4 homers and 10 RBI, and still one of the better fielding shortstops in the league.

The career .313 hitter has 5 World Series titles to go along with: 12 all star games, 5 gold gloves, 4 silver sluggers, and has the most hits as any active player, as well as any Yankee EVER. But one award Derek Jeter doesn’t have is an AL MVP. In his prime there was the great crew of short stops in the AL. Alex Rodriguez, in Texas, Nomar Garciaparra, in Boston, and Miguel Tejada, in Oakland, along with Jeter, always battled it out for MVPs and many other awards. Jeter, while being maybe more effective than any of the others, always came up short.

He has always wanted to win before any personal accolades. But, if you think for one second, especially after watching him so far in this season, that he doesn’t stare at that empty spot in his trophy case, you are bananas. And if he keeps playing the way he is playing, being by far the best player on maybe the best team in baseball, he will get his first MVP at an astounding 37 years young.

Week 2 AL Lineup Card

Derek Jeter is leading the Yankees as of now.

Week 2 American League Lineup Card

P – Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers (0-1 – 14 Ks – 2.20 ERA)

He had one inning where he gave up four runs. Thats all he’s given up. Still the man. Continue reading

American League

* = World Series Winner

East Central West Wild Card Wild Card World Series
 Chris  *
MVP: Albert Pujols – CY Young: Jared Weaver – ROY: Yu Darvish – Comeback: Adam Dunn
East Central West Wild Card Wild Card World Series
 Nabeel *
MVP: Jose Bautista – CY Young: Jared Weaver – ROY: Matt Moore