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Power Rankings 4/19

When I do these power rankings, I will not look at the way the team finished in 2011. I won’t look at how the team is suppose to be in 2012. I look at honestly how I feel each team is playing. Simply through pitching, hitting, and other basic things that winning teams should be doing in order to win.



Washington Nationals (10-3)

Call me what you want, this team right now has it all. They are hitting, pitching, and coming up big in big situations.


Texas Rangers (10-2)

Best lineup in baseball. Pitching not as good as Washington’s but it almost doesn’t matter, their starters are 8-0.


Los Angeles Dodgers (9-3)

Andre Either and Matt Kemp are becoming the best 1-2 punch in the league. Oh, Clayton Kershaw is good too. Continue reading


New Pitcher Ranking System

Baseball is the sport of statistics. There is a stat for every play. Literally. The back of baseball cards don’t even do justice for what each player really has when it comes to stats. One thing you don’t find too much of is a rating system. Until now.

Pitchers stats can get complicated. You really can’t compare pitchers to each other because of the different stats they accumulate. Someone could have 20 wins in a season with a 3.50 ERA, but someone else could have a 2.05 ERA and win maybe 12 games. Well, how do you compare the two. Can’t fault the low ERA guy for being on a team with tough run support.

I developed a rating system, somewhat like the RPI rankings in NCAA Basketball. I incorporated the stats, that to me, are the most important you would want in a pitcher every time he steps out onto the mound.  Continue reading

Week 2 NL Lineup Card

Easiest pick by far. He is proving that he should have won MVP last year.

Week 2 National League Lineup Card

P – Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies (2-0 – 8 Ks – 0.60 ERA)

No change here thus far. Names to look-out for are Stephan Strasburg, Johan Santana, and Chad Billingsley Continue reading

What the Nationals are Missing

Ryan Zimmerman hasn't yet been "that guy" for the Nationals.

Going into the 2012 season, the Washington Nationals may have been one of the more optimistic teams across the league. After having a better than usual year in 2011, they hope to surpass a feat they have yet to grasp: go over the .500 mark at the end of the year. I, for one, have jumped on the bandwagon. But as the first week comes to a close, I begin to ask myself, who is the best player on this team?

The team has veteran manager Davey Johnson for a full season and brings back a ton of breakout stars from the previous year.

First basemen, Michael Morse, was the backbone of their lineup (.303 – 31 – 95). Danny Espinosa was a standout rookie 2nd basemen, who finished sixth in Rookie of the Year voting. He definitely needs to get his average up (.236 in 2011) but has the potential to be an all-star in the near-future. If Morse can continue to have stats like that in 2012 it’s a no-brainer he is my choice. But, now being out likely until June, the question is still up in the air.

After signing their first ever draft pick, Ryan Zimmerman, to a long term deal, him and Jayson Werth are now the two $100 million men in the organization. But, I do have to say, neither of these two are my pick.

Zimmerman is, to me, the Derek Jeter of this club. Not to say he has the accolades to be on Jeter’s level, but he isn’t their best player, but he may mean more to the franchise and the city than anyone else on the roster.

Everyone in baseball is excited about the return of Stephen Strasburg and the arrival of phenom Bryce Harper. Strasburg may be the best pitcher on the team but I am looking for that guy in the lineup that stands out from everyone else. Harper can without a doubt be that guy, but like Morse he may not even be on the roster until June. So neither of these two either.

As for their roller coaster of a ride shortstop, Ian Desmond, approached the 2012 season, fans in DC have no idea what to expect out of him. His fielding has been awful at big moments and he has yet to find his way as the leadoff hitter. Fans were looking for that .300 batting average guy with some speed to kick things off at the beginning of each game. They didn’t get Jose Reyes, so Desmond is their guy. But already Desmond is off to a huge start. He is batting .406 and hasn’t committed an error yet in the season. He isn’t my choice either, but he is making a case in this premature season.

So the Nationals have a solid lineup, great pitching staff, good bullpen, and their prospects are some of the best in baseball. They have everything you would want in a team to reach the top. But one thing they don’t have is that one guy. That one guy who you would want more than anyone to be at the plate in a big time situation.

Can Ryan Zimmerman finally be that guy? Can Ian Desmond stay at this level all year? Can Jayson Werth back up that heavy contract? What will Morse and Harper bring to this lineup when they are both finally playing? Who ever it is, the Nationals need someone to maneuver themselves from the good teams to the great teams.

National League

* = World Series Winner

East Central West Wild Card Wild Card World Series
MVP: Joey Votto – CY Young: Roy Halladay – ROY: Bryce Harper – Comeback: Buster Posey
East Central West Wild Card Wild Card World Series
MVP: Ryan Braun – CY Young: Stephen Strasburg – ROY: Bryce Harper